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Key West Chiropractic is a state of the art facility providing a unique health care option which delivers cutting edge postural and corrective family care.



The following consult and assessment procedures are performed in order to aid in determining the scientific and specific reasons for your condition:

  STEP 1: CONSULTATION This is an opportunity to discuss with your chiropractor exactly what brought you in, the outcomes you desire, and whether or not chiropractic care is the best fit for your goals.   STEP 2: X-RAY + ADJUSTMENT After completion of the consultation, the chiropractor will take pictures of your spine and complete your first chiropractic adjustment.    STEP 3: CONTINUING CARE After your initial evaluation and adjustment, the chiropractor will collaborate with you on your course of treatment to keep you feeling your best, and we’ll schedule your next appointment. 

Chiropractic in Key West


Dr. Laurence Oliviero

A 1996 graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, GA. He has done advanced post-graduate training of the Loomis Enzyme System. He has a passion for helping patients regain a feeling of youth and vitality by utilizing many advanced nutrition techniques. He is a frequent lecturer on many health topics and has appeared on local television and radio.






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