Be Weird!!!

Yes, you will be the weird one.  I know you have tried to eat better, exercise more, stay on track with your regular chiropractic adjustments, be a positive person….but it’s not easy, is it? If being disciplined was easy, everyone would do it. What makes matters even worse, is that you may have people in your life (family, friends, co-workers) that have really challenged and maybe even sabotaged your efforts and the choices you are making for you, your body, your health and your life. Why can’t they get it?

In a word….mediocracy. Our society, unfortunately, is still not one that rewards or encourages being different. Rather, our society still would rather see us all follow the crowd. Like sheep. And that unconsciously and mindlessly following the pack like everyone else is a disrespect to your true and beautiful self.

So here’s the take home on this. Be okay with being the weird one. With being different. The right choices in life are never always the easy ones. However, you know what the right decisions are in regards to achieving a life of pure awesome-ness. Make them. And don’t question them or feel you have to prove your ‘weird’ decisions to anyone but yourself. Be proud of you, and be a weirdo!!!!

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