3 Essential Answers for Optimal LIVING!! Check These Out!!

So…here’s the 3 points we’ll talk about in this newsletter:

  1. Why movement is required for an optimal life.
  2. Why being mobile is the basis for everything.
  3. What you can do to become more mobile.

First, why is movement required for an optimal life?

We know movement is required for an optimal life simply because ALL other requirements in life depend on our ability to move.

For example, breathing requires optimal ...

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Dr. Ryan’s 8 KEYS to Health!!!

While feeling good is often a nice side benefit of being healthy…Feeling good does not mean you ARE healthy.

Health is a state of optimal function, a state in which all of the body’s needs being met consistently over time.

Sometimes you’ll feel great, other times, it’s not the case.

Stay focused on taking the correct actions instead of only actions directed at ...

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Happy ValenSPINE’s Day:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  But don’t worry if you haven’t been “struck by Cupid’s arrow”.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for couples to show their love and affection to their partner, it is also a day to focus on appreciation and friendship.

So, Key West Chiropractic would like to take a moment to ...

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7 Great Tips On How To Strengthen Your Immune System!!!

    The nervous system and the immune system have such a multitude of connections that they could correctly be referred to as a single system. The nervous system senses damage, infectious agents and foreign bodies. Disturbances in the nervous system (subluxations) diminish the ability of an individual to sense and repair damage and combat infection, cancer etc. directly, resulting in diminished health.”
    Research suggest that populating your gut with ...
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Holiday Closures and Healthy Holiday Tips!!!


  1. DO LESS, ENJOY MORE – Instead of getting stressed by trying to attend every event and pleasing others during the holidays, try taking care of yourself first by saying no at least once. 
  1. BE CAREFUL WITH BEVERAGES – Holiday beverages such as eggnog, peppermint mochas, and hot chocolate can be full of calories and sugar. 1 cup serving of eggnog has 350 calories!
  1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP—Loss of ...
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Healthy Family Talk This Tuesday!!

First and Foremost, Happy Holidays from Key West Chiropractic!
Second, we want to give everyone notice of our Holiday Closures!! Key West Chiropractic will be closed for 2 weeks to celebrate the holidays!

The office will be closed Dec. 19th – Jan. 1st and we will be back to normal hours on Jan. 2nd.

Please make note of our revised hours and please contact Key West Chiropractic at305-296-5626 to schedule an appointment before we close till the new year!

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The Unarguable Truths of Health!!!

The truth is that our bodies are meant to thrive, heal and grow. We are not meant to break down. We can only grow if we stay committed to the promises we make to ourselves to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Over time, unhealthy habits interfere with our body’s ability to flourish.

With this realization we start to understand the value of maintaining high levels of vitality and resistance, while well, so as to have the ...

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ReMARCable Achievements

In this upcoming event Dr. Ryan will teach you what YOU MUST be doing to maximize you health and well-being. 

In this speaking event you will leave understanding:

  • The 5 Pillars of health
  • How your body is designed to not experience disease and function optimally
  • Strategies an understandings that will help restore trust in the human body and love ...
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The ReMARCable Challenge

As a lifetime athlete who has always used exercise and competition not just as a way to stay in shape, but as a personal outlet with benefits far more valuable then just burning calories. I’ve found that I’ve managed to gain a foundation for positive thinking and gained personal resilience. Exercise has helped me with stress reduction, taught me better discipline, commitment to a goal and how to be a better functioning human being overall.

After ...

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Be The Change!!!!

Being well, healthy and fit is a moral, social and spiritual responsibility we must uphold throughout life.  In today’s world it has become an economic imperative.  Sickness and disease and the so-called “health care” system are bankrupting individuals, families and the country at large while making people sicker.  The need for an emerging well being care system is the only feasible solution.

Chiropractic philosophy gave me a new understanding of health and the true meaning of being healthy.  We are all ...

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