Dedication to Self Even for Help!!!


“Brain plasticity refers to the brain’s lifelong capacity for physical and functional change; it is this remarkable capacity of the brain that enables experience to induce learning throughout life.”

Keeping your brain/body connection clear by getting adjusted, so that you are more able to manage stress is nice. But an even more important reason to have a clear nerve system is the ability to be more adaptable to LIFE and everything you want out of it!!

As a result, the potential for more knowledge and experience are out there for the ones that are ready. In honor that the body is a temple and not abarn, and with gratitude of the neuro-plasticity we all are so blessed to have, here are the five non-fiction books I’m pledging to read this 2016. What are yours?? I think you owe yourself some thanks!!!!!


The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
Nathaniel Branden

The first book I’m reading is “The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Branden, one that was a recommended read by numerous friends and colleagues. The first of the 6 pillars that Branden talks about is the Practice of Living Consciously.  This is a big one, and the foundation for all the other pillars to follow.

Emotional Intelligence,
Daniel Goleman

This book was written 18 years ago, and is still ground-breaking work that discusses different types of intelligence beyond the grades you may have received in school.  


Start With Why,
Simon Sinek

If you own a business, play a leadership role at work, or simply want to give your absolute best in what you do in life, this one is for you. In practice the focus is always about the WHY behind the WHAT, it comes from Sinek’s work in understanding that WHY you do what you do is far more important and necessary to get across to people than WHAT you do.  It completely resonates with how I’ve always strived to communicate the principles of health in the office, and will enhance my business core values.



The Leader Who Had No Title,
Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma’s books are awesome, but this one in particular discusses (in Robin’s fable-style way of teaching) the importance of being responsible for giving your absolute best, regardless of the title you hold in your workplace.  I believe in always giving it 100% and what you put into it you get out of it. So this should be a great book.  Short, easy to read, but really big ideas that are transformational for our world. 

Steve Jobs: A Biography,
Walter Isaacson

The genius behind Apple, and a story I’m really looking forward to reading.  It’s the only biography on the list. I feel that reading about the brilliance of others is such an incredible way to learn about how to be more great yourself. Plus, I haven’t seen the movie and iTunes will only sell it and not let me rent it.  
P.S.  I love Apple- in fact Key West Chiropracitc is in the process of being outfitted so it can remove it’s carbon foot print by running a nearly paperless practice- all made possible with the use of Apple software and devices. 


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