Dr. Ryan is great!!! He is very caring and knowledgeable! I am very happy I started seeing him, I use to think it was normal for my lower back to hurt at the end of the day! Now I rarely ever have lower back pain! Every time I feel like I’m going to get a cold I go see him and it is gone!
– Lori Wilder, Key West, Fl


After living in the keys for 3 years, I am so happy to have found Key West Chiropractic. I have been to chiropractors over the years in the previous places I have lived and know how important it is to find a doctor and office you trust. I went to Key West Chiropractic for a back issue that I knew could be improved through chiropractic care. They are a very friendly and professional office and really take the time to understand your issues. They take a holistic approach and strive to see overall and long term improvement with their patients, not just a quick fix. My ongoing care has been with Dr. Ryan and he is amazing. You are in good hands with this practice and I am really glad to have them here in the keys.
– Angie Bera, Big Pine Key, Fl
This establishment is my mental…physical…and spiritually healing center of Key West…if I have had a few bad days and I walk in there immediately I feel like a new person!  (and of course the adjustments help too) They are never to busy to listen to me or to just get that hug we all need!  They even laugh at my silly jokes or things I say!  I could say it’s my attitude and lattitude adjustment! Thanks love u guys! 
– Linda Philips, Key West, Fl
Dr. Ryan Barnett shares Health talks about every 2 months in the office and they are relevant to our body mind and spirit. Very informative and inspiring he explains whatever the topic is about, how it relates to our health and we leave the talks armed with more information that we can use to help ourselves !

I look forward to these meetings with great interest because I never feel empty handed when I leave. Thank you Dr. Ryan for your authentic interest in the health of this community!
– Ben Pollard, Key West, Fl
Dr Ryan and his staff are the best! He is a true healer and cares deeply for his patients. I am so grateful for how he has helped my family and I. Always professional and very personal, the staff at Key West Chiropractic are encouraging and friendly, my experience could not be better!
– Eric Heiss, Key West Fl
I have been secretly dealing with constant radiating pain from head to toe for over 6 years, which controlled my entire life. Dr.Barnett helped me finally understand what was happening in my own body. He didn’t just help me physically but mentally giving me hope again, which no other doctor has ever done! I truly believe Dr.Barnett is an ANGEL in sheep skin. After a couple visits with Dr. Barnett I feel like a completely different person! He really knows exactly what the human body needs & When visiting with him you can feel the love and care he has for his patients. Thank you Dr. Ryan Barnett for being you!
– Charisse Toira, Key West, Fl

~ more testimonials ~

Dr. Ryan is a very knowledgeable professional, and what he does is absolutely amazing. Within a week of seeing him I felt better and any previous sign of an injury was nonexistent. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Ryan if you have any concerns about your body and physical health.

– Jason Block, Key West, Fl
Over the last 20 years I have been a patient of 4 excellent chiropractors, but Dr. Barnett is the best I’ve ever seen. He is patient, thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Other review websites praise the chiropractors who save them money by not requiring an x-ray. That’s just crazy – nobody is cranking on my spine without taking pictures first – the best Chiropractors always ask for this. After just a few appointments my back and neck felt markedly better, and after 3 months, my 56 year old, contact sports loving body (Football through college and Rugby into my 30’s) feels like I am 20 again.
– Micheal Yates Key West, Fl
I worked for a chiropractor for 5 years before I moved to Key West. I strongly recommend this chiropractor. Couldn’t have asked for a better first Dr. visit. I will continue care with Key West Chiropractic.
– Nicholis Halwes Key West, Fl
Outstanding care and results. Nine months of sciatica have finally been relieved! Wonderful person, too!
– David Dlugitch, Key West, Fl
Dr Ryan has helped me overcome many injuries that I’ve gotten from running. I have very knowledgeable and beneficial results from his care.
– Jane Welzein Sugarloaf Key, Fl
I have played ice hockey since the first grade.., have studied Sho Ran Roo Okinawan Karate’ and at 56 years of age still remain quite active as a professional drummer. I have had my right shoulder replaced, a titanium plate installed in my right foot, a torn ACL in my left knee and my right knee also ‘scoped’ . My Orthopedic surgeon has stated I have little to no cartilage left in either knee, but that I was too young to get knee replacements . My day job as a wine consultant calls for some heavy lifting and I was to the point where putting together more than 2 hours of sleep together at a time was a ‘rarity’.., my knee’s, shoulder, lower back.., you name it.., awoke me often throughout the night. I also had 2 broken teeth from metal fillings ( not hockey ) that added to the ‘party of pain’.., I knew I had to do something. I had never visited a chiropractor in my life before the end of December, 2016, but on sound advice from a ‘very satisfied patient’ ( Thank you, Bud ) of Dr. Ryan’s.., I made the call.., I wish I would have done this years ago, seriously, I now am able to sleep throughout the night, use my knee’s again, the back pain has all but subsided ( I still lift ) and I have gotten such ‘relief’ from my visits, that my teeth had even stopped aching ( before getting them worked on ). The level of skill and professionalism ( and most importantly to me, ‘relief of discomfort’ ) has been nothing short of amazing! I would and have recommended Dr. Ryan to whomever would listen.., the Care and Professionalism you’ll receive from both Dr. Ryan.
– Greg Shanle, Key West, Fl
Dr. Ryan is the best! Key West Is LUCKY to have this Doc in their backyard. Keep it up!
– Micheal Fenster, New York, NY