The Inside Job

It’s that time again!! Another great talk coming up at KWC.
In this upcoming event Dr. Ryan will teach you what YOU MUST be doing to maximize your health and well-being. 

In this speaking event you will leave understanding:

  • The 5 Pillars of health
  • How your body is designed to not experience disease and function optimally
  • Strategies and understandings that will help restore trust in the human body and love who you are today

Location: Key West Chiropractic
1010 Kennedy Dr. Suite 401,  Key West, Fl
Date: Monday, March 21st, 2016
Time: 5:45 pm
Cost: FREE with preregistration 

Still need an extra push to finally make it to one of the many health, wellness and well-being talks taking place in this office?? Well think about this:

The instant we lose our health, there is nearly nothing we would not do to retrieve it.

We will travel any distance, spend any amount of time, money and energy if only we can have a glimmer of hope of regaining our precious health. We may even submit ourselves to the most bizarre and “out on a limb” treatments, if a potential resolution is hoped for.

Re-mortgaging our home, going into debt and even bankruptcy is no longer a problem when our health is at stake.

When we lose our health, our priorities suddenly change: baseball games, parent-teachers conferences, church meetings, hobbies and other endeavors seem to fade in the background at a fast rate. Even caring for our children or nurturing our relationships become difficult and challenging when our health has slipped away.

The things that we may have cherished the most seem to no longer matter. Values and priorities are frequently turned upside down.

In the light of all this, doesn’t it make sense to make our health our number one priority, no matter what, because indeed it is our greatest wealth.

So, make coming to our next talk a priority. They promise to infuse you with knowledge, motivation, principles and understandings that will help empower you to a higher state of well-being and trust in yourself!!! Who could argue with that. See you there!!!!!!

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