The ReMARCable Challenge

As a lifetime athlete who has always used exercise and competition not just as a way to stay in shape, but as a personal outlet with benefits far more valuable then just burning calories. I’ve found that I’ve managed to gain a foundation for positive thinking and gained personal resilience. Exercise has helped me with stress reduction, taught me better discipline, commitment to a goal and how to be a better functioning human being overall.

After years of athletic pursuits, I now find that doing things that have been only for my personal satisfaction, like why and how I choose to exercise or how I spend my free time, can be directed toward good uses. As a result, I’m changing my direction. Over the course of the next month I plan on donating all of my available time and energy to raising money for the Association of ReMARCable Citizens which is a non-profit organization that serves adult clients who have developmental disabilities that include mental retardation.
At the bottom, I have attached a link for anyone who feels generous enough to donate $15 or more to the MARC House in an effort to help people who, without the MARC house would never have the support system necessary to develop even the basic abilities of self care, social skills, vocational training or the ability to develop friendships with non-disabled persons. During the course of this donation drive leading up to the ReMARCable ride September 24th, please follow along with my training as I post maps and photos of my rides – some rides covering 100 miles in one day. Raising money for such a good cause is very important and I plan on doing as much training as possible to raise awareness for a good cause. So follow along on our Facebook page, Key West Chiropractic, for updates leading up to the ride and please donate to the link below so we can help the MARC House continue to make such a positive impact for the people it serves.
Below is a map of my 42 mile bike ride from Sunday. Not the fastest time on the bike, but as you can see with the heat index at 100 degrees I’m just lucky I survived!!
If you are looking for a way to eat healthy, with practical, well balanced meals, and are also made in house with fresh ingredients, check out THREE FINE COOKS @ 513 Fleming Street. I was really impressed by their menu and vision for providing great meals for people on the go!!

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