Tree of Life and Presents

Thank you to everyone who supported our Toys for Tots donation drive this year. As you can see it was very successful!! We stuffed the tree full, packed, and overflowing with presents for the kids this year. This holiday season has become very special at the office because of all of you. Giving out of a sense of abundance to help others with no expectation of return is such a powerful gesture towards the good will for humanity and frankly, if you want to be COOL, it’s the thing to do!! It is very empowering and motivational to know that trust and the desire to do good still shines through.

So many times the news, media, internet, social networks or whatever want to instill in us a belief system that things are going wrong, but no way, not in our community, we are filled with amazing people who come together and really go the extra mile for each other.

Thank you to all who donated and even the ones who just thought about it, because that makes a difference too!!! To empower people to move towards a higher sense of health and well being might be my passion, but, because of all of the good people like each and everyone of you it also gives me a purpose.

Have a great New Years everyone, I look forward to seeing you at the start of the New Year for the first talk of the 2016 series titled “The New Years Resolution You Never Follow” to be held Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 5:45PM @ KWC.





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