Triple H!! Helping, Health and The Holidays

Happy Holidays!!! 

Key West Chiropractic has decided to kick off the Holidays in true form by recognizing that giving is the only true way to receive!! We would love for you to help us complete that cycle.  

Therefore, this holiday season we are organizing a donation drive for kids in need. Above is a picture of the holiday tree at the office with unwrapped presents and toys already under it. Our goal is to STUFF THE TREE WITH TOYS.

As we know there are many “working poor” families struggling during this time of year to secure presents for their children and our mission is:  Remember that sometimes a small thing you can do can mean everything in another person’s life!!! 

So please come by the office and place a present under the tree and start celebrating what the holidays are all about!!





 5 Great Strategies To Keep Healthy This Winter:

1) Eat Your Breakfast
Not only is breakfast a chance to load up on nutrient-rich foods, such as eggs, smoothies, citrus fruits and oatmeal but, it also may keep you healthy. Research from Cardiff University found that eating breakfast was significantly related to lower rates of illness.

2)Say “Ohm” Instead of “Ah”
Stress really hammers the immune system!!!

3) Get lost in the Mangroves
Spending time out doors has been found as a way for people to relax and boost their immune health, A study found that men who’d spent six hours hiking in a forest over the course of two days had higher levels of “natural killer cells,” which strengthen immunity and help fight cancer. The healthy effects of the hike lasted for 30 days!!!

4) The Basics:
Drink lots of water, slurp some chicken noodle soup, increase vitamin C intake, use local honey, drink ginger tea, consider a shot of apple cider vinegar a day, start cooking more with garlic and mushrooms, and, of course, get adjusted!!!

5) Red Wine
Of course always save the best tip for last. The resveratrol and polyphenols in red wine work the same way that beneficial bacteria in yogurt do: When cold and flu viruses enter you system, they start to multiply, and these compounds prevent that from happening.

To get the most bang for your buck, grab a bottle of California pinot noir. Tests have found it to have some of the highest levels of resveratrol. However, remember moderation please!

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